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Our military-grade technology is virtually unhackable and we are not afraid to say it.

We are reinventing cybersecurity with interconnected security platforms that provide unprecedented value to customers. Unlike other security solutions, Opaque technologies can protect data when it’s static and when it’s in motion. Our advanced crypto-frag and artificial intelligence platforms secure data at all levels of the enterprise, including the mobile communications of executives and employees within those organizations.

Our Story

Launched in 2015, we are Opaque Communications, a provider of advanced cybersecurity solutions. Our patented crypto-frag technology is specifically developed to deliver unmatched insight and security for government, defense, financial, healthcare, bio-tech, entertainment and virtually any entity that has valuable IP or extraordinarily sensitive data to secure.

The company was founded by a group of world class elite security specialists with a combined 120 years of cyber technology expertise. Our team has provided support for many of the nation’s Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies and for the U.S. clandestine community, protecting national interests around the world.


Dwayne Hall, Chief Executive Officer

Dwayne Hall is the cofounder, president and chief executive officer of Opaque Communications. He leads Opaque Communications’ security products and platform strategies and the company’s mission to transform the cybersecurity industry to help businesses and consumers ensure maximum security and privacy. Over his career as an advisor and businessman, he has led multiple acquisition, market expansion and capital infusion efforts that have totaled several billion dollars, many of which involved global technology leaders.

Dr. Niko Keller, PhD, Chief Technology Officer

Nikolae Keller is the cofounder, and chief technology officer of Opaque Communications. He has previously developed advanced security technologies for DARPA and other government agencies.

Product Platforms

Opaque's cutting-edge R&D program has birthed the era of the crypto-frag technology. We give customers access to military-grade technology that is unhackable and allows them to secure their data in all its forms. Our mobile and cloud-based enterprise solutions help industries meet their needs for risk mitigation, breach reduction, and maintain authenticity and integrity of their business transactions.

Patented Crypto-Frag Solutions for Cloud, Transmission, and Mobile Communications


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